9 thoughts on “Colored Pencil Painting of a Dog

    1. Thank you Laura. An older couple was at a rest stop with their dog. I took several photos of the dog and used them for reference. Although, it doesn’t show very good in this post, the highlights in the black fur was colored with a lavender hue.

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    1. Colored pencil painting is easier than watercolor. You have more control using waxed or oil based colored pencils. You work with a light pressure, building up the layers slowly. There’s a burnishing pencil that, I think, works better than a white pencil when blending colors (burnishing colors). You would work first dark layers than light areas. A great book you should get is, “Creating Texture in Colored Pencil” by Gary Greene, also “Colored Pencil Artist’s Pocket Palette by Jane Strother This last one is a visual guidance on mixing (layering) and matching colored pencils to suit all subjects. I hope you give it a try, and any questions, feel free to ask away.


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    2. Hi Jane, thank you. You do watercolor, how wonderful. I’ve always wanted to try this media, but it seems scary. Maybe because I don’t have as much control as colored pencils, oil paint or acrylic. Although, I just bought all the supplies needed for watercolor, I haven’t painted yet. I just don’t know where to start: wet on wet, dry on wet or is it wet on dry. Work light areas first than dark areas. It’s opposite with colored pencils. I’m determine though to learn, because watercolor paintings are light and airy and beautiful.

      If you have any questions on starting colored pencils, feel free to ask away.

      Thank you again for commenting Jane. Much appreciated.

      I just started this blog and learning to navigate all the areas of what you can add to the main page. So much to learn, oh dear.


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      1. LOL! Connie…if you just started this blog, you are way ahead of most of us…it’s lovely.

        Watercolor: Oh, I painted oils for 25 years. When I went ‘over’ to wc, I forgot how to paint in oil. LOL! Don’t let people tell you that wc is scary. It is the most ‘freeing’ of all medium I think. One of the secrets of wc is picking the right pigments. Earth colors tend to rinse better (rinse out) and the biggest problem is trying to reserve whites. I generally don’t use masking gel….I try to block off areas with pencil or just hope. LOL! I would love to learn pencils….and as soon as I get some, will come back to you with a lot of questions I am sure.

        Also, don’t worry about wet/wet…dry on wet, etc. I just started giving myself the gift of some paper that was moderately expensive, but was for play. At least a few large sheets. Then it was all soaking the paper (I did end up cutting it up) and then learning to tape down, staple, whatever holds the paper down until it dries….that’s to get the sizing off, but I also don’t. Sometimes the sizing is fine for the painting. Especially for detail and dry brush.

        Ack! You will find you own set of problems, but it’s a learning process and great satisfaction;


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      2. Thanks for the info Jane. I’m heading south in about a week for the rest of the winter. Photographing birds. When I get back north , I will certainly give watercolor a try.

        I will be over to your blog to read your poem and look at your watercolor paintings.


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