Haibun Monday #8


I stand looking down from a sand cliff; what once was a very long stretch of pristine beach has changed drastically in the last two years. The shoreline is migrating landward. The Gulf, with its rhythmic churning action, and ever rising tides are eating away at the barriers between humans and nature.


each wave

rides the roadway



My husband moves closer to me, nothing needs to be said; the hollow roar of the surf returns, draws back and then returns with a note of anger. When all thoughts are exhausted, we walk back to our little weather beaten cottage; even our screen door moans.


a small lizard

scurries away

over my shoe


Perhaps:  shorelines are temporary, and will only exist as long as the ocean permits; what the ocean takes from one part of the shoreline it gives to another.


in open window

the smell of salty air

unrestful sleep



14 thoughts on “Haibun Monday #8

  1. Beautiful prose and poems …. and Yes, Ocracoke (the Outerbanks of NC) definitely is trying to stall nature – the sand has been moving closer to shore for a long time and of course, tourists and residents want to stop it….


  2. Dunes of Beach.. stoic
    standing tall with
    Sea Oat crown
    waving iN Gulf
    Breeze.. hidden
    Love.. Peaceful escape
    from other beach view..
    Ivan wipes iT all

    Hurricane eYes
    sWeeps Dune
    Love.. gOne iN waves..:)

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