Being Different



If only

our eyes saw souls

instead of bodies,

how very different

our idea of beauty

would be.

(Photograph of a wood stork taken by me)

15 thoughts on “Being Different

  1. The poem, the philosophy of this poem, goes to the heart of the matter. A lesson to be heeded. The photo was…well, it certainly gave me a different perspective into this bird. Beautiful, both poem and photo. You are a remarkable poet and photog.

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  2. I never seen a Wood Stork before, until this year. He was standing with his back towards me, and I thought, what kind o bird was this with these beautiful white and black feathers, then he turned around. Well let say, I coulden’t believe how vulture-like it’s face was. It was a shock. But when I started taking photos of this guy, he grew on me.

    So much to photograph in Florida. I’ll be leaving here and going back home to Michigan in a couple week. I’m one of those snowbirds so I’ll be back down next year.

    Thank you for following my blog, and commenting, much appreciated.



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