Daisy’s Mocking Spell – Tanka



A patchwork

of wild daisies bloom.

Who can resist,

he loves me, he loves me not

yet, the wind says something else.


(Tanka is a form of Japanese poetry.)



4 thoughts on “Daisy’s Mocking Spell – Tanka

  1. Love this! You got the shim-no-ku right and the top verse right! Plus the kigo word could be daisy. Spring or summer. I look for these things, because most poets don’t consider these ….ah….considerations. LOL! And “yet, the wind says something else” is something like ‘aware’. Good stuff you are writing!!!

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  2. Thank you. I embrace the notational spirit of tanka and try to capture the ephemera of everyday life, be it human beings or the natural world that surround us. Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated.



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