Going Back Home – Tanka


hours away

from going back home

for a moment

i  breathe in salty air

one more bridge to cross



and preparing for changes

i roll up my sleeves

and go back to packing

my aging body unsteady


 After three month wintering in Florida, I’m going back home to Michigan…to me home is where your heart feels most comfortable. It is a place you step into with ease. A house is simply a physical structure, filled with stuff. For me, although, Michigan is where I was born and grew up, Florida I love and return to every year, and my soul and muse says, “Yes!” But my heart continues to pull me back home.

4 thoughts on “Going Back Home – Tanka

  1. This speaks directly to my heart and experience. Going home (rural NJ) has become too traumatic..since the death of my father in 1989, and it being sold in 1995. I am now an intruder…..it is no longer mine, except in my dreams.

    But Atlanta for good and bad, is my home now….and my beautiful old (unfinished) house, feather beds me a home here.

    What is good to me, is when poetry speaks to common sharing…something universal. This is what draws people to poetry, that hearth-sense.

    Lovely, Connie.


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  2. I’ve always felt a strong kindred spirit with nature, the ocean/sea. My muse (artist, photographist, and poet) becomes the blooming youth when I’m back in Florida; such an infinite source of inspiration resonates through me. Even though I’m not an Aquarius, the waters speak to me, and draws me close.

    Thank you for commenting. Very much appreciated.



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