Going Home 2 – Tanka


no break in weeks

lingering humidity

thin inhales

God reminds me,

breathe my dear


High humidity has forced me to leave Florida earlier then planned. Second day on the road; two states behind me; I’ve just arrive in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Same humidity steals my breath; what little breath I have…asthmatic lungs. Three more states ahead; “Breathe, just breathe, all you got to do is breathe,” I tell myself.


6 thoughts on “Going Home 2 – Tanka

  1. I missed this, Connie. Just breathe! My husband is asthmatic. Before his meds, we boiled up half an onion and put it as a compress on his chest. Worked. Thank God for the newer meds, though.

    This is beautiful and heart felt tanka. Are you acquainted with K. Issa? You remind me of him…he’s my favorite haiku poet. Totally human.

    Hugs, Jane


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