7 + 8 = 15 Enough is Enough

I need to stay busy, mentally, to keep my mind off the “why-me-o-meter”.  Just when I thought I was through the tunnel, (ya know, the one with the light on the other side of it?), I’m forced back into the darkness to find that illumination. It feels really really far away.

I’ve known about this upcomming surgery, (my fifteenth one),  three months ago, but I’ve kept it far from my thoughts: my blogging, photography, artwork, and my poetry has helped. But now that the surgery date is approaching fast, (10 days)…


silent screams

that makes no sound

again and again

The word SCREAM is a word I can write, but the action of the word is held back in.

I think I had to write this post to let myself know that it is okay to loose it now and then.

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