Haibun (Poem) – Who I Am

The artist inside of me came out when I was a very young child and my creativity has been forever changing and blossoming throughout my life. Drawing, painting, poetry and photography are interchangeable components of who I am. I’m inspired by nature’s gifts; the ordinary, extraordinary and the unexpected offerings that surround us all. Sometimes it is the smallest things that bring the most joy out of


a single flower

jiminy cricket – where

did you come from



9 thoughts on “Haibun (Poem) – Who I Am

  1. And, now that I’ve seen several of your colored pencil “paintings,” I am tripley (I know, not a word) impressed. I love your explanations of your technique. You are right about boots. My dad’s boots told the story of his life–aging with him.When my dad died, they were the only thing my young nephew wanted of his and he wore them out!!!


  2. Lovely! I have been reading Dr. Rollo May’s “Courage to Create” for the past year. (takes me a longgggg time!) He talks about this ‘centeredness’ inside artists, the unflagging strength inside that whatever is thrown our way, we, ultimately, can back into that centeredness inside. That centeredness is the point of creativity…the reliable bedrock of our creativity. Unshakeable if not always recognized by ourselves.

    There are no Chinese walls between mediums or at any artistic point. I think perhaps people are confused that an artist could span the waves such as you do. I get some of this because in galleries, I am pushed to proclaim what I am: and I am a painter, both oils and watercolor and I am a sculptor. Some times we are pushed to defend what we do, and our artistic vision.

    I am no photog, but I can deeply appreciate your work.



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